Dec 29, 2011

Acer mannequin

My blog stats has fallen, because lack of updates.
Hi friends, how's your holidays? Any good things have happen to you? Are there any improvement in your holidays?
Hee:) I'm learning how to apply make up from google during this holidays, for me is quite difficult. Even the eyeliner, I can draw two different lines and make my eyes look different. XD. See! how PRO im... so that should I improve.

Ok, I finish my hooey! LOL.... Let me share my work life in this holidays to you, I work as Acer mannequin (12/12 - 25/12), actually is quite fun, a lot of idiot people came in front of us and even thought we are dummy...damn stupid!
Some of our photos
The end =)

Dec 6, 2011

Teen Fest 2011 (Game fair)

I'm so bored since I finished my final exam!!!

My MAT outfit, I work at mid valley game show

Studio sexy shoot

This is my first time wearing red lip... actually I don't think my lips suitable for rose red. =D
Morning feel...

Nov 22, 2011

Fashion studio shoots

I went to the fashion studio shoots last Sunday, this is a indoor shoot, and 2 models 4 photographers. Actually I want to learn how to makeup, especially apply fake eyelashes and eyeshadow. Look at my eyes after I completed to apply fake eyelashes and eyeshadow, its too bad!
I wanna improve =)

Oct 25, 2011

Creative bridal makeup and shoot

Few days ago, I join "Creative bridal makeup and shoot"
Thanks my make-up artist and photographers
You can really see my two tiny scars under my armpits, I was born with palmar and foot hyperhidrosis, I was operated last few months, although the operation has been very successful, but left scarred... How disgusting. =(